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Coaching Aspirational Leaders

Penny helps leaders to change the way their people work together in teams. Penny’s experience as CEO of Autism Queensland for a decade, her conversations with peers, and her subsequent work with a diverse range of leaders through her Coaching practice, identified the following problems. 

  1. Good people are often recruited on the basis of their technical skills, however the core skills required for effective and collaborative team work is frequently absent.
  2. The lack of insight and application of the ‘soft’ skills of successful human interactions in the workplace can have negative impacts on productivity.  Entire projects can be derailed or disrupted by a lack of trust across teams.
  3. Scarce human and financial resources can be absorbed by issues arising from an imbalance between individual team members focus on the EGO, the Relationships and the Results.

It doesn’t have to be this way, and Penny who is is a Certified, experienced Executive Coach, with a substantial executive career works with leaders to explore these and other leadership challenges in a VUCA environment.

Penny is a trusted adviser to leaders working across the Government, Corporate, Business and NGO sectors.

If you would like to learn more about being coached by Penny phone: 0455 999 495 or email: penny.beeston@icloud.com


“I have had the pleasure of working with Penny Beeston over a period of 2 years in my capacity as Chairman of Autism Qld.
During that time I was able to observe that Penny transformed AQ from a modest membership based organisation into a sophisticated multi locational enterprise.
Penny has a particular talent in energising her workforce and creating high morale and personal loyalty from her workforce.
Penny also had strong relationships with AQ’s public sector stakeholders, as well as its private stakeholders.
The Board also enjoyed a very productive relationship with Penny and her long leadership experience makes her well suited to coaching those with leadership aspirations.” Michael Kl


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