Supporting Leaders to ‘Get Out of the Weeds’ and lead from the Strategy Sphere for Career and Organisational Success…

Leaders of organisations, business units and teams share with me a number of common struggles and frustrations:

    1. They are often struggling to extract themselves from the “weeds” and pull themselves up above the surface and into the strategy space.
    2. They regularly feel overwhelmed by the competing challenges of
          • developing staff
          • building and leading teams, while simultaneously
          • guiding change and
          • managing relationships with internal and external stakeholders
    3. All of this causes excessive stress and the feeling that they are underachieving and unable to demonstrate their full leadership capabilities.

Working together, what we discover is that on the journey to leadership they have gained a deep knowledge and experience of the complexity of work that cascades down through organisations, agencies, business units.  As a result, they can add value at every level.  And this is where they often find themselves drawn back into the ‘weeds’, either by design or choice.  Leaders do not flourish in this space.

When we work together, they emerge from the weeds with clarity around where and why they were dipping back into the operational space.  Armed with these insights, we are able to apply a laser focus to their professional vision and build a new roadmap to strategic leadership. They find they are better positioned to manage the competing challenges of leadership when they apply their experience, knowledge and skills to developing and leading from a strategic space.  Their stress levels decrease significantly while their fulfillment increases. They feel a massive weight has been lifted.

You can do this, too, and you can clear your head of a constant sense of overwhelm and stress.

My name is Penny Beeston. My entire career has been focused on leadership, and I grew and led a complex state-wide NFP in the face of the types of challenges described above. When you work with me, you gain the benefits of my leadership and business experience and insights. For instance, I know the challenges of reporting to Boards (I am a Director on a National NFP Board currently, I sat on a National Advisory Board for a decade, in the same period I also reported as CEO to a Board). I know how to lead from the strategy space.

And working together, you can have a sounding board as you work through the complexities of leading and another lens through which to vision and strategise the success of your leadership career.

To learn more, contact me anytime at penny@strategicoptions.com.au and link with me on LinkedIn at: www.linkedin.com/in/pennybeeston


“I have had the pleasure of working with Penny Beeston over a period of 2 years in my capacity as Chairman of Autism Qld.
During that time I was able to observe that Penny transformed AQ from a modest membership based organisation into a sophisticated multi locational enterprise.
Penny has a particular talent in energising her workforce and creating high morale and personal loyalty from her workforce.
Penny also had strong relationships with AQ’s public sector stakeholders, as well as its private stakeholders.
The Board also enjoyed a very productive relationship with Penny and her long leadership experience makes her well suited to coaching those with leadership aspirations.” Michael Klug


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