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Penny’s vision for the work of Strategic Options is encapsulated in her own personal Call to Action:

To Inspire

To challenge

To transform

To ignite …

           ….transformation in individuals and teams

Penny is a leadership coach who likes to improve the world by working with great people on leadership journeys.  She’s the founder of Strategic Options Consulting and Coaching, offering unique and bespoke coaching, advisory and consultancy to leaders and leadership teams.  Her vision is to work with those on leadership journeys to inspire, challenge, transform and ignite their passion to make the world better as a result of their leadership.  She’s passionate about introducing frameworks and tools that guide leaders and leadership teams on deep dives into their foundations and aspirations.  Her clients come from diverse industries, including the Government, Corporate, Business and NGO sectors, and all have in common a desire to enrich and grow their leadership experience. In the past, she’s led Autism Queensland Inc as CEO for a decade, on the back of a lengthy career in executive management, seeded by her earliest experiences in teaching.  She’s interested in leadership and its impact across the public service, emergency services, tertiary, secondary and primary education and community services.  Her personal enjoyments and passions include family, swimming, writing, cooking and life-long learning with emphasis on the study of leadership and neuroscience and how we ensure sustainability for the generations that follow.

If you would like to learn more about being coached by Penny phone: 0455 999 495 or email: penny.beeston@icloud.com


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