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Penny’s vision for the work of Strategic Options is encapsulated in her own personal Call to Action:

To Inspire
To challenge
To transform
To ignite …
           ….transformation in individuals and teams

I work with people who are leading organisations, business units or teams through the complex challenges and demands of contemporary leadership.

I founded Strategic Options Consulting and Coaching on the back of a lengthy leadership career and learnt firsthand that leaders benefit from an objective sounding board – the opportunity to:

          • confidentially unpack issues and challenges,
          • view them through a different lens,
          • explore and deep dive into options and
          • determine the way forward with a clear strategy.

When leading teams, it’s easy to get caught down in the ‘weeds’, losing precious time and opportunity to function in the strategy space.  This can come at a cost to career growth.

When working with leaders, I facilitate a process to gain clarity about their career vision, current and desired trajectory.  Where we find a disconnect, we work through a range of frameworks to refresh the career roadmap, resetting the vision, goals, strategies and accountabilities.  The pressures of leadership today can see leaders put their own career development to the bottom of an every growing tower of competing demands.  When I work with leaders in this situation we find the space to focus on growth of leadership and career.

I am also strongly invested in the work I undertake with executive and leadership teams and I outline some of my work on the Teams page of this website.

My work includes clients from diverse industries, including the Government, Corporate, Business and NGO sectors, and all express a desire to enrich and grow their leadership experience.

I led Autism Queensland Inc as CEO for a decade, on the back of a lengthy career in executive management, and seeded by my earliest experiences in teaching.  My experience is underpinned by an EMBA from QUT and a B.Ed.Studies from UQ in addition to being an Associate Credentialed Coach with the International Coaching Federation, a Certified Coach in Conversational Intelligence®, and a Consultant in DISC ADVANCED®.

If you would like to have a conversation about working with me I would be pleased to discuss your needs:

Phone: 0455 999 495 or email: penny@strategicoptions.com.au


“Penny understands what is required to bring change to an organisation.  She has a demonstrated capacity to strategise and implement change in a structured and empathetic way and then motivate management and staff to embrace the new direction and take full advantage of the opportunities that arise from the new path she has paved.  I Chaired the Board of Autism Queensland for eight years while Penny was CEO.  Penny has walked the walk, and brings the power of her experience to her role as Executive Coach and Consultant.  I would recommend Penny to individuals or organisations on a path to growth.”  Dr Robert van Barneveld, Managing Director, SunPork Farms


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