“The coaching journey with Penny was so much more than I had perceived it would be. Over a six month period, I was gently encouraged to challenge my long-held beliefs about what leadership is, my value within the leadership realm and dared to envisage a leadership journey that speaks true to my potential. Penny’s approach is authentic and generous of spirit. Her extensive professional experience melds powerfully with her natural talent, eliciting a trusting relationship that gave me space to cut through the fog of perception to examine my true capacity, drive and passion.

Of all the events of my working life, professional coaching has been by far the most impactful experience; leading me on a growth curve that is unprecedented and the results of which are truly embedded in who I am now. You simply can’t achieve that kind of development from a seminar or conference. As an executive with a tight schedule, the combination of face-to-face sessions, follow up notes and self-paced ‘homework’ framed the experience for me as a great balance of supported exploration and a responsibility to invest  in myself. I highly recommend Strategic Options as a powerful ally in finding your fresh leadership vision.”

Sally Dobromilsky, Program Manager, Emergency Services Cadets

“I recently had the great pleasure of being coached by Penny and my experience was rewarding on many levels.  Penny’s significant professional experience, leadership insights and practical tools helped me work through some of the leadership challenges and organisational changes that I was facing.  From the very start Penny had an amazing ability to connect and form a trusting relationship that made me comfortable to talk about anything.  I found myself looking forward to each session with Penny as she not only inspired me to be a better leader but also tapped into her own extensive experience which built my confidence.  I left feeling equipped for the next phase of my leadership journey.”

Vanessa Fabre, Executive Manager, MDA Ltd.

“Penny understands what is required to bring change to an organisation. She has a demonstrated capacity to strategize and implement change in a structured and empathetic way and then motivate management and staff to embrace the new direction and take full advantage of the opportunities that arise from the new path she has paved.  I Chaired the Board of Autism Queensland for eight years while Penny was CEO.  Penny has walked the walk, and brings the power of her experience to her role as Executive Coach and Consultant.  I would recommend Penny to individuals or organisations on a path to growth.” 

Robert van Barneveld   Managing Director – SunPork Farms”

As Executive Director of Independent Schools Queensland, it has been my pleasure to have been able to work with Penny Beeston in her role as the Chief Executive Officer of Autism Queensland over the past decade.

Penny’s leadership of Autism Queensland has been exceptional through a decade of growth and development of that organisation. Her capacity to lead and manage a multi-faceted organisation and its people through a period of change has been exemplary.

Her exceptional leadership of a complex not-for-profit organisation which included an independent school reflects her capacity to plan and lead strategic growth in the face of a constantly changing environment.

I am pleased that Penny’s leadership, skills and energy will not be lost to the not-for-profit sector and to independent schools as she embarks on a new journey of providing support and advice to others through consulting, coaching and mentoring.

I have no hesitation in commending Penny to organisations looking for a Consultant with currency of C-Suite experience and a track record of success in positive strategic growth.”

David Robertson Executive Director | Independent Schools Queensland”

I worked with Penny in my role as a Director on the Board of Autism Queensland.  Penny harnesses the positive energy of the team to vision and implement strategic change across an organisation.  She is skilled in strategic collaborations that will build capacity and enhance outcomes for the organisation.  Penny has a rare quality for a Consultant, she can work effectively across all layers of the organisation, getting buy in from teams and building a positive momentum around organisational change.

Paul Stokes  Managing Director  ARITUS”

I have known Penny Beeston professionally for seven years and over that time I have observed her change the face of Autism Queensland.  Penny is passionate about her work and backs this passion up with experience and a degree in Education as well as an Executive Master of Business Administration.  Penny is a highly focussed and committed C-Suite executive whose background and experience enrich her capability as a Consultant and Executive Coach.

Bryan Granzien  Chief Executive Officer  Tata Steel Australia”


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