I work with leaders and teams to develop bespoke team roadmaps that facilitate a learning and growth journey for the team.

Many senior and leadership teams are motivated and capable of performing at a very high level on significant initiatives and projects.  Business as usual sees them dealing with all the complexities associated with being a leader in today’s very agile environment.  In coming together as a Team of peers they are motivated to perform, however they can struggle to work at their optimum in this setting.


When I work with Teams we establish and embed frameworks and tools that build effective engagement at this level. Issues encountered include:

        • Need for a framework to ensure everyone has an equal seat at the table
        • Checking their own  ‘silo’ at the door and taking the opportunity to work at the higher strategy level.
        • Need for a process to have shared buy-in to the vision, purpose, goals and accountabilities.
        • Need for shared frameworks on communication and engagement.

Teams can elect to work towards Team Roadmaps that draw this together to carry on beyond the period of our engagement.  They report:

        • a stronger sense of shared purpose, input and focus,
        • insights into other members of the team, their values and strengths,
        • more cohesion and engagement and
        • a reduction in thinking in silos.


“I deeply value our group and my own sessions.  It provides a real check and balance on my own performance and thinking, and really invaluable in building the capacity and capability of the team.”  Executive Leader, Government Agency

“The work around my own personal values and the values of others on the management team was very useful.”  Management Team Member

“I valued having open and frank discussion with members of the team, having a voice and listening to the other views around the table.” Management Team Member

“The insights around Conversational Intelligence and the tools you are introducing across our leadership workshops are giving us something tangible and grounded in neuroscience to take back into our own teams and this is invaluable, thank you Penny.”   Executive Leader, Government Agency


If you are a member of a Team, or leading a Team and you would like to explore working with me, please contact me on:

Mobile: 0455 999 495